Thursday, 6 November 2014

Parade 2014

Not much to say here, just that the parade of October this year, was kinf of lame. More on this later.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Shit happens, but why on me?

I feel like an idiot today! Pulling the shortest stroh in work, suxs! Let this be an reminder for me!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Want better control in Blogger than the simple Category badge? Today I found this link and thats all you need. I would like to mention this myself but time is limited and you dont care from who, but just if its works. Yes it does, just be carefull which 'status-message' you choose. Keep backup, always!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Clipboard Manager

Yes its true, we all know the build in Windows clipboard. It was though much better in older versions. But don't despair, you still have Ditto. What Ditto? Yes Ditto! Let me explain: It's like the Linux Clipboard manager you see in the tray (or taskbar). In simple words Ditto holds all your copied data, ready to retrieve them any time! I personally used it in many occasions. If you program or do stuff which includes heavy duty copy paste tasks, Ditto comes in handy. Especially because its very light, customizable (apparently its themable now) and really keeps a lot of data, even images in its cache.
Ah yes, I forgot. The greatest thing is, .. its totally free!!
Finally for those who have a problem with the shortcuts of last copied items, try ctrl + numpad number! Well its small but useful entry here, .. I think. Anyway have fun copy kittens.

P.S: Sorry for the low quality image

Friday, 16 December 2011

Instant messaging client

After having being with the blue giant, I decided to change to an better instant messaging client. The blue giant is getting smaller everyday, so I jumped off his shoulder and began my search through the net for my big dwarf in shiny armor, .. and I found mine in the client that bears the name oovoo! Its great, better quality, doesn't get the blurry cam and it doesn't throw you out of the connection or out in general "crash" (if keeping disconnecting, you probably have a "noisy" phone line! Just saying have a look!). With the latter I don't see any signs of it in my connections, besides of better connectivity, I do enjoy the following extras:
  1. Desktop sharing is supported, something that I wanted.
  2. I only need three people talking simultaneously, but top number of participants is 6 (free version)! Six is beyond the number I need.
  3. The cool new feature of sending a prerecorded video-message. I do this a lot.
I believe its the alternative right now, but don't take my word for it, check it out. Always check out!
There are other solutions that might fits your needs better, like google+ for example. The choice is yours, always yours!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

File hosting service

I am using lots of time CAD tools, for example last I used Cadence IC for a project. I connected to it through ssh. That’s pretty common for a lot of tools, like TCAD or other tools. If you working, like me, constantly with remote PC and your want to share your results with your colleges or friends, I found a solution that might fits your needs! Its free and basically really easy to use. I found dropbox, the main features that I like are:

  1. It is compatible with most of the OS’s.
  2. The just drop the files in a local folder, instead of uploading them yourself, comes in handy.
  3. Accessibility to files or folders can be limited through emails. You know ... Ma thats my drunk picture ...
I tried other sharing tools out and must admit, with dropbox you become cozy using it, and exactly that is what I want. I heard that Ubuntuone (windows support added) is quite good too. Post your top file hosting services. 

Friday, 25 November 2011


Well came back from the trip, I must say It was short and not what I expected to be. I was a boat trip, the same old same old boat trip. I guess when you make a trip with the same way it loses its flair. The new thing was what I met there. Still thinking about it, is that the right choice for me? Shall I move there? The place is like a place where the old is meeting the new, the new old place. Weird feeling… I actually didn’t want to blog about this. This is for me, pulling some thoughts together. One thing is sure, this blogging stuff is not so bad after all. Ok moving on onto planning the about page of this blog. I know what I want to upload, but how to bring order to chaos is the problem. Good thing is nobody is really following this blog yet, huh of the hook for a while, if then do case etc... If somebody does follow, sorry till I got my ideas together this kind of updates will follow. Anyway have a nice day.