Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Where: Thessaloniki, N of Athens.
TripCategory: Non-island trip.
Desc: Northern hub city.
Time: Athens-Thessaloniki 0.9h flight.
Stay: Recommend at least 3 days, 7 days in Summer when including trips.
Note: One could go Istanbul (Constantinople) "~6 hours with Night-bus", Bulgaria, Skopje, Albania, Serbia or anywhere in northern Greece for hot springs, trekking, etc.)

  • Transport: Budget airliner (Cheap tickets = early booking) ~20 Euro Allez-Retour
  • Budget hotel are inside town and happenings ~ 30 Euro/day
  • Rental: small car ~ 40 Euro/day. Rent by airport saves you trouble.
  • Sum: for 2 people ~ min. 200 Euro minimum each

Friday, 8 July 2016


Where: Santorini(Ancient name: Thira), SE of Athens.
TripCategory: Beaches, Island.
Desc: Sunset paradise and not only.
Time: Athens-Santorini 0.5h flight.
Stay: Recommend at least 3 days. The more days, the better.
Note: At season-high lots of tourists want to see at least the sunset. Also people coming with boat, cruises etc. Rent a car for 3 day trip is a must (so to see most of the things).

  • Transport: Budget airliner (Cheap tickets = early booking) ~70 Euro Allez-Retour
  • Budget hotel are outside town and happenings ~ 30 Euro/day
  • Rental: small car ~ 40 Euro/day. Rent by airport saves you trouble.
  • Sum: for 4 people ~ min. 200-400 Euro minimum each

Here is a mini Santorini visit plan. One might have trip advisor etc. what they dont have is a verified trip plan. So, bent this plan to your needs.

Day1:Morning, red beach or/and white beach. Latter is accessible only by small boats (GotoPrice~5 Euro). Both beaches are unorganized beaches = shower at hotel. See Fira and have lunch there. See sunset from the last rock tip in Ia town. Warning people are stacked like pigs there. Eat dinner go out for a drink.

Ia (Oia) Ia (Oia) sunset.

Day2:Go Fira take the cable car down to the port. Get on the morning short Volcano boat trip (~30 Euro each). See museum in Fira (closes 15:00, close call but doable). Have dinner at a restaurant from where the sunset opposite from Ia is visible.

Caldera island (boat trip) Thira view from the cable car

Day3:Go Akrotiri (red beach) to see museum. Check out hotel. Have lunch check, revisit or make some exploring by your own. In the end get the car back to airport and there you go.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Where: Zakynthos, SW of Athens.
TripCategory: Beaches, Nature, Island.
Desc: Green Island with clear beaches
  • Cheapest from Athens by Bus
  • (Athens tel: 2105129432)
  • (~70 Euro Allez-Retour (Ferry included))
Time: Athens-Zakynthos 5.5h trip
Stay: Recommend at least 7 days. 14 days best.
Note: At season-high lots of tourists. Rent a car, its a most.

Go to the shipwreck, even if the boats cant go due to weather conditions, there is a point (close to Volimes "St.George") from where the Shipwreck is visible. Totally worth it. When I have time I will write more.
Shipwreck, close to Volimes "St.George"

View of the Zakynthos town

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Latex lesson #?

Today lesson: in the Latex editor browse to the %PRogramFiles%\Miktex\bin\biber.exe (Miktex dist.) else no references will show!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Common Linux commands,.. good to know.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Short description:

Where: Kalampaka, NW of Athens. 
TripCategory: Nature, Hiking, lash out holiday.
Desc: Monastery complex on top of mountains 
How2Go: By Train (~50 Euro Allez-Retour; Athens-Kalambaka 4h trip )
Stay: Recommend at least 2 days. 3 days best. 
Price: Hotels, restaurants costs are nominal for the season and location standards.

From below

Map, right at the local bus station to meteora monasteries

Grand meteora monastery